The Universities

The Universitat Politècnica de València (Technological University of Valencia) is ranked in the first position of Spanish technological universities, leading the ranking of Spanish most innovative universities and being one of the top Spanish universities in the ARWU and QS rankings. The University, founded in 1971, albeit some schools like Industrial Engineers was founded more than a century ago, is listed in the ranking “The 150 under 50” (Times Higher Education) and the “Reuters Top 100” about the most innovative ones. Discover more here:

The University of Valencia was founded in 1499 and is one of the oldest universities in Spain. It is a public university, oriented to teaching and research in almost all areas of knowledge. The University of Valencia has become one to the top five scientific centres in Spain thanks to its commitment to excellence and to the wide range of teaching and research activities offered in all areas of knowledge (basic sciences and engineering, health sciences, educational sciences, humanities and social sciences, economics and law). The Faculty of Economics, one of its centres of excellence, is located in front of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

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